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Objectives :

The Trust aims to provide medical/ educational/ financial as well as general aid and relief. It seeks to enhance the quality of life and basic standards of living.

Educational Assistance & Training

Vocational training and higher education for artisans and their children. Skill up-gradation, Capacity building programmes and distribution of tools would be part of this.

Awareness Programmes

The Trust will conduct health hazard awareness programmes.

Modernization Drive

The Trust will launch a drive for modernization of -bhattis and furnaces that are often responsible for health hazards.

Medical Assistance

The Trust will provide free medical treatment by setting up free health check-up camps as well as eye check-up camps to offer consultation and guidance.

Clean Drinking Water

The Trust will look into the matter of availability of clean & safe drinking water in localities in Moradabad. This has been one of the major health concerns in this city.

General Assistance

The Trust will offer counseling to unemployed youth and women to take up training and earn a life of dignity and self-respect.