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All established exporters of Moradabad had been concerned about the welfare of their workers - mainly the artisans. However, reaching out to them and their families away from the work place is difficult for entrepreneurs. The formation of the Moradabad Artisans Welfare Trust (formerly known as Moradabad Artisian Trust), is a decisive step forward by EPCH, under the guidance of the District Magistrate, Moradabad, which will ensure help and support to artisans and their families under a structured and transparent system, that would enable volunteers to contribute in any mean feasible, i.e. financially, materially or by working as a volunteer. The jurisdiction of the trust for its beneficiaries will be Moradabad Division. However, the persons or organisations intending to support the project can be from any part of the world.

Moradabad’s Handicraft Industry

The Moradabad handicrafts cluster is home to thousands of artisans who not only form the backbone of the burgeoning metal crafts industry but also contribute to valuable foreign exchange. While most of them continue a family tradition of craftsmanship, some of them are people displaced from agriculture. However, their struggle for basic necessities amidst poor living conditions is appalling. There is an urgent need to improve their socio-economic conditions and give them what is rightfully theirs. It’s time to turn our attention to these artisans who have contributed to highlight Moradabad on the world handicrafts map. It’s time to take action.